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Snapshot automation on Amazon (Linux) LightSail instances

If you manage any light sail instances you've probably run into the realization that there's no obvious automated way to schedule your snapshots. In EC2 you have the Snapshot Lifecycle Policy Manager. And if you've done some exploring like I have, you've probably realized that your LightSail volumes aren't available in this tool. What this means is that we will have to automate the snapshots on the lightsail instances themselves. To do this we will need to install some tools, and then set up a schedule using crontab. You can either use your own terminal, or use the web based…

Welcome to the new site!

There's been a lot going on, but we finally did it. We have a live site that we currently "plan" on keeping updated somewhat regularly. Please click around and explore. I know there's not a ton to look at right now, but it's our hope that that will change over the next several weeks. Please use our contact form (the mail icon in the lower right hand corner of every page) if there's something you'd like us to feature in a blog post. Until then, keep coming back and checking us out!